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Reaching Up

Scripture commands us to love God with our whole being because we were created for his glory. However, we have not treasured God as we should. Thankfully, the gospel conveys to us the remedy. It teaches us that Jesus Christ has laid down his life for his church. Because of this great love, we are moved to repent of our sins and worship our Redeemer. Reaching up to God in worship is at the center of all that we do at Grace.

Reaching In

Scripture commands us to love one another. A church is like a family, and like a family, we want to care for each other and grow in our knowledge of God and his word together. Nothing is more satisfying than healthy relationships! Yet, few things require more effort and patience. At Grace, we want to be transparent and genuine in order to honor God in all we do and build each other up. Genuine relationships are the building blocks of community at Grace Church. We are reaching in to help one another.


Reaching Out

Scripture commands us to love all people. We are commanded to teach the nations all things that Jesus has taught us. Project Psalm 67 helps us take the gospel to the unreached peoples of the world. Our church actively supports Bible translation and church planting among those without the Scriptures and without a church. We are reaching out because God reached out to us through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.



We exist to spread a passion for the glory of God and His gospel to all peoples.

We spread this passion by:


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